I just received this feeder today and it looks like it is going to be a breeze to clean. Yay!!! I have had a difficult time finding feeders that are affordable and easy to clean. I purchased a blemished one and was wondering what it would look like, and it was merely an area or two where the adhesive on the label had a little bubble under it. I'm very pleased with the item.

Hi Steve, Received my 4 boxes today. What a beautiful feeder you have developed. I am thrilled with the purchase and hope we can send much more business your way. I am already thinking of ordering more as gifts to hummer lovers who are not playing in my golf tournament. I also appreciate the bookmarks and my seed tray. Again, thank you for everything and the extra touch you put into making your work beautiful.

I purchased 4 of these 7 years ago and have been looking for them ever since. I am an avid birder and my favorite birds are hummers. These are the very best feeders. There are prettier ones out there, but the hummers do not like them half as much as they do these. The fact that they are hand crafted in the United States is just one more plus. My husband dropped one of these on the concrete patio and it did not break. The red feeding parts have stayed red for years and are just now starting to show a little age. Many of the feeders do not come apart for cleaning. I live in Louisiana and I have to clean or change the food almost daily in the summer and if you cannot take them apart they mold and mildew. I just cannot say enough about these American made feeders!!!

I bought one of your feeders for my grandmother who is an avid humminbird fancier. She has taken down the rest of her feeders. She says the hummingbirds will only use this feeder now and have quit visiting her other feeders. I saw as many as 6 hummingbirds feeding at the same time when I visited with her Sunday. Very nice product.

I just want you to know that I am delighted with your hummingbird feeders. I am buying two more, one for my sister who just couldn't get over the hummingbirds constantly coming to the feeders. We have them all day long. I have had several different types of feeders and these are, without a doubt, the very best. Thank you.

Ok, hung the 2 feeders and I love them.... More can feed at the same time which means more for me to see :) My other one had some metal, and though it was pretty, very soon formed rust spots and I was worrying that the rust would change the taste & the Hummers would leave. They seem to really like the new feeders and so do I. Will definitely tell all my Face Book friends about your feeders. Thanks again!

The Best Hummingbird Feeder I Have Ever Owned It's the truth! We have had others, but unfortunately, we also have a woodpecker that loves them too, so currently, we are in a struggle with him to get him to stop, but luckily, this one seems to be holding up his weight, but it really is terrific, and thanks again!

I recently bought a Hummermagnet II from you. My hummingbirds love it and so do I. In addition to all of the features you've mentioned, I think it valuable that the hummers can perch to feed. This saves their energy and thus increases the value of what they drink from the feeder. This is definitely a terrific feeder. Thank you for this terrific hummingbird feeder. After buying two from the local home improvement store and having to return them with problems, I was delighted to find this. It seems to be all-around perfect!

I just bought these wonderful feeders and my hummingbirds are just humming about it to other hummers. They just love these feeders, you can't buy a better feeder anywhere. I'm glad I got them and know where to get more. Thank you Hummingbird Store for such wonderful service and great feeders.

Now I can tell you just how wonderful your feeders are. Over the years I have amassed more feeders than I can count. They are all packed and ready to go to our local donation receptacle. The feeders I purchased from you a couple of years ago are all I need. I hang them from the eaves and during the height of the season, I refill all three of them at least once a day, some days, twice a day. What a joy it is to finally be able to enjoy these precious gems in such an affordable way. Thank You SO Much!