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Using the sugar measure.

Cleaning the HummingMagnet.

The Hummingbird Store is a family operated business located in the quiet Texas Hill Country.

We design, manufacture, and sell direct to you the HummerMagnet, quite simply the best hummingbird feeder available.  I decided to design the HummerMagnet because I grew tired of the cheap, leaky feeders that attracted more bees than hummingbirds!  It is a handmade custom bee proof hummingbird feeder that provides a rare combination of functionality, low cost and beauty. From the built-in Sugar Measure for perfect nectar every time, to the bird-safe bee proof feeding ports, you won't find better value in an American Made hummingbird feeder.


HummerMagnet Hummingbird Feeders, the only hummingbird feeder with a built-in sugar measure so making nectar is fast and easy!  

The HummerMagnet is also designed to be super easy to clean, much easier than any other feeders.  


Check out the videos on the right side of this page to see how easy the HummerMagnet is to fill and clean.


Everything you need to know about hummingbird feeders.

I decided to just put everything you need to know about hummingbird feeders right here so you don't need to waste time searching all over the internet to get a few questions answered. Click here to find answers to all of your questions regarding hummingbirds and feeders.