Here are some testimonials from our customers:

I bought it because I needed a new hummingbird feeder, I LOVE it because it truly is a hummingbird magnet! I used to see one, maybe two a day, now I am seeing up to FIVE diving and dodging each other, they even sit on the little rim and I get a good close look at them. I HIGHLY recommend this feeder, it is amazing!
Posted By: Sandy Bowcock
Northern KY
I've had two feeders for three years now. Two new hummers arrived and sit on them, not allowing others on. So bought another feeder to place out of their view! I enjoy buying from this web site. Thanks!
Posted By: Betty
I received my item -I have put it outside, and by the time I got inside to my perch, there was a Male Baltimore Oriole drinking! Thank you Thank you Thank you YOUR STORE IS AWESOME! Thank you again Blessings+
Posted By: Rev R J Mickelson, Jr.
Hi, I bought 2 of these from you awhile back to replace my 2 feeders with the big yellow flowers.They are among the best purchases I ever made!I used to DREAD cleaning & refilling those horrible feeders - it took so long & they always had ants in them.Your feeders are amazing-takes me minutes to clean & refill both & no ants.I LOVE them & wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.(the hummingbirds love them too)Thanks so much for making my life a little easier!!!
Posted By: Eleanor
Great feeder. The yellow jackets that were chasing my hummers away from the feeder are NOT happy. After the first few minutes of trying this one, they are gone and the hummingbirds love it. Thanks, will probably be ordering more.
Posted By: Margo Gooding
Washington State
I had my old feeders over-run with honey bees. Broke down and bought yours. The first 24 hours all they did was case the new feeders and zoom away. Within 24 hours no bees. Thanks.
Posted By: Daniel E.
Grand Junction, CO
I ordered 3 of your HummerMagnets and could not wait to get them outside! I am thrilled with this design and the EASY CLEANING! WOW! Its about time someone re-designed these feeders. I also used the glass bottle and hanger from my old feeders and threw away the feeding base because it was impossible to clean. I neven tried the new disk/flying saucer shape and it is hard to pop it apart and only holds 1 1/2 cups of food but yours I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank You! Thank You! One happy lady, Suzy"
Posted By: Suzy Mark
San Francisco

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