Here are some testimonials from our customers:

I am having so much pleasure enjoying feeding our Southern California hummers. I just received my 5th feeder from The Hummingbird Store. I keep extras on hand to make a fast switch after cleaning and filling with nectar. I am so thrilled with the quality!!!! The plastic base has a nice weighted feel (the hummers love to perch and drink on this one) and it's hanger is extremely secure. A nice difference from another main brand company out there that has a flimsy metal hanger that breaks after a short amount of time (the metal hanger on that one slides right off the bottle when filled). The HummerMagnet also is beautifully decorated. There has been a lot of thought and effort in its design and it shows. The owner Is such a pleasure to deal with. It's fun to talk and get advice, thus the reason for my 5th purchase. I keep the 16 and 32 oz. on hand, depending what the bird traffic is. I am so happy to support a USA privately owned company that takes pride and enjoyment, while providing outstanding customer service. Steve's personalized attention and commitment makes feeding the birds even more fun. I also appreciate the wonderful bottle brush. I look forward to purchasing more feeders in the future for gifts. An A+++++ quality product and company!!!!!!!!"
Posted By: Sharon R.
Orange County ,California
I was somewhat skeptical that the feeder, advertised as bee and wasp resistant, would actually deter these stinging insects. I was wrong, no bees, or wasps, hanging around the feeder, unlike years past. It's also very easy to clean & the hummingbirds actually sit and feed. I will have to take some pictures now; thanks for selling such a great feeder.
Posted By: Dan S.
Bentleyville, PA
I love these feeders! The problem with honey bees is now resolved. Thanks for prompt shipping!
Posted By: Neil L.
Turns out the hummingbirds love them. There were some groups that had this as their favorite of the 3 to 4 types of feeders that I had up. Others as their second favorite. Regardless, when votes were counted, the hummers ruled. :) So now I have this as number 1 in the bottle feeder category.
Posted By: June C.
Waco, TX
great product it does what it says- bee proof and my bees were gone in 2-3 days my hummers only took a few days to figure out how to drink from it--easy to clean--I'm buying 2 more thanks Steve
Posted By: R HAZEN
Love your feeders!! And so do the hummingbirds. I put two of them up in early May, and had hummers within a few minutes. Soon there were flocks of hummers at both feeders, draining them completely (16 oz. feeders) in 24 hours or less. We even had six at one time on a feeder, with others hovering nearby waiting their turn. None of the aggressive behavior that is normal for these birds. Now that the young have fledged, we have an air show of hummingbirds constantly.....must be several families out there!! I make nectar 2 quarts at a time, and it lasts just 3-4 days. Thanks so much for these wonderful feeders!!
Posted By: E. Bozeman
Daviston, AL
I'm not a big fan of testimonials, I hate infomercials that have them but, I have to give one on the Hummer Magnet. I had tried three different hummingbird feeders and they would come and feed once in awhile and I had to fight the ants and other bugs from drowning themselves in the nectar. I ordered one of the blemished Hummer Magnets and hung it and the same day I had hummingbirds coming and staying to feed. Now they come all the time. I have not had any ants or other bugs end up in the nectar. I will definitely be ordering more to give as gifts. Thank you Hummingbird Store. Sincerely Donna Cook
Posted By: Donna Cook
Peru, Indiana

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