Here are some testimonials from our customers:

Hi Steve,
I would like to share the experience I have had with your HummerMagnet feeders.
On receipt, I placed your first three feeders in position. Within two minutes I had several hummingbirds feeding off of each new feeder. I thought this was amazing because I had been using the same feeders that I was replacing for over 30 years. Over the next 10 days I replaced the last three other old feeders I had with your feeders and the birds made a complete transition to yours within that period of time.
As to the specifics of my other overall experience, I think having the ability to completely sanitize both the glass and particularly the plastic portion of the feeder during each refilling is outstanding. The old feeders had to have the yellow and red petals removed for cleaning and it was never possible to completely clean out the nooks and crannies from the far sides of the plastic molding.
I like the fact that your feeders are put out and hung only with the use of an "S" shaped steel metal clothes hangar that it took me a few minutes make. No more having to screw in or screw out a plastic feeding tube into a plastic connection that had some left over sugar water making separation near impossible. Also, using the glass bottle instead plastic for holding the nectar is better than using plastic any day.
And finally, as to what my ordering your feeders was all about in the first place, I couldn't believe it, but after just one full day of your new feeders the bees moved out. There are maybe one or two bees that I see hanging around but the group that was here have all gone.
Steve, I'd like to congratulate you on your invention and your achievement. It made one of my favorite hobbies fun again. Thanks.
Posted By: Paul O.
Granada Hills, CA
I recently ordered a number of hummingbird feeders from you and received them today. I just want to say Thank You. I think the quality of these feeders is just exceptional and I wanted to convey to you that it is a really, really nice product. Thank you again!
Posted By: Richard P.
Oregon, OH
I received my hummingbird feeder and love it. It is the third one I have purchased from you in a few years. Two were for me and one was a present for a friend. The HummerMagnet is the best hummingbird feeder I have used and will ever use for my hummers. Thank you.
Posted By: Lorain W.
Sparks, NV
First of all I want to say thank you for making a great hummingbird feeder. This is my first order and i am so pleased with the high quality of the glass bottle and plastic base. All three of the feeders i ordered arrived in perfect condition, nothing was broken. Fortunately someone took the time to wrap each glass bottle in lots of paper.

Thank you for your emails and attention to my order.
Posted By: Cynthia K
Everett, WA
These hummingbird feeders are absolutely the best made! They're very attractive, don't leak, have a perch for the little critters to rest on. Are easy to clean and fill, AND have an attached hanger. It doesn't get better than that. I started out with two, but am up to 5 because I have to rotate empty for filled bottles during the day. I have year-round hummers and I believe they're inviting their friends over for meals.
Posted By: Shirley M.
This is my third order of your product. Best feeder I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!
Posted By: Shirley M.
Lake Mathews, CA
We occasionally see hummingbirds visiting our garden, but had no feeders. My friend Elaine is very happy with your feeders and recommended them to me. less than 24 hours after hanging up 2 HummerMagnets, we have ruby throated, emerald visitors. We SO enjoyed watching them from our breakfast nook windows this morning! Your product couldn't be more aptly named! Thanks Elaine and the Hummingbird Store.
Posted By: Janelle A.

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