Here are some testimonials from our customers:

Pretty little feeder. It never occurred to me that I'd like the painting on the glass so much! The sugar line is very helpful!!
Posted By: Leslie H.
My hummers thank you for this wonderful feeder! Previously, they had to fight with dozens of bees to get a drink. I have a closet full of feeders that claimed to be bee proof and were not. They all leaked, if not at first, eventually. I'll be purchasing another HummerMagnet, the only truly bee proof feeder on the market.
Posted By: J. Van Paepeghem
Mathews, NC
I am so happy that I found your new hummingbird feeders! I have a garage full of plain looking, leaky hummingbird feeders and yours are so unique and beautiful I can't wait to get them hung for the spring arrivals!
Posted By: Harry T.
Atlanta, Ga.
Hummers fight over this feeder, always a good sign. No leaks or other misbehavior from the bottle, which like the base is quite substantial. With its removable cover, the bowl is a snap to clean. Overall, the level of quality is high, and the maker's commitment to hummingbirds is obvious. Recommended.
Posted By: Lanny Chambers
I just received my HummerMagnet hummingbird feeders. I love them and it is just as described on line. Very fast delivery too (Just 3 days) Highly recommend. Thanks So Much!!!!
Posted By: Julie T.
Nashville, TN
Wow! This hummingbird feeder is even prettier than it looked on your website. Great job on the new design with the oblong feeding holes!
Posted By: Gladys S.
Los Angeles, CA.
As you know we had a real bee problem at our hummingbird feeders to the point where our hummingbirds would not come to the feeders. We ordered 5 of your feeders and THEY REALLY WORK! At first the bees hovered around the feeders trying to get into them but after a couple of days they got discouraged and moved on! Thanks again, I am so glad that I found you!
Posted By: Mary-Jane
Miami Shores

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