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These hummingbird feeders are absolutely the best made! They're very attractive, don't leak, have a perch for the little critters to rest on. Are easy to clean and fill, AND have an attached hanger. It doesn't get better than that. I started out with two, but am up to 5 because I have to rotate empty for filled bottles during the day. I have year-round hummers and I believe they're inviting their friends over for meals.
Posted By: Shirley M.
This is my third order of your product. Best feeder I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!
Posted By: Shirley M.
Lake Mathews, CA
We occasionally see hummingbirds visiting our garden, but had no feeders. My friend Elaine is very happy with your feeders and recommended them to me. less than 24 hours after hanging up 2 HummerMagnets, we have ruby throated, emerald visitors. We SO enjoyed watching them from our breakfast nook windows this morning! Your product couldn't be more aptly named! Thanks Elaine and the Hummingbird Store.
Posted By: Janelle A.
I bought extra units to share this design with friends; simple and sturdy with ease of disassembly and a no leak feature.
Posted By: Fred V.
Abbeville, La.
I received my order today. I must commend you on the extremely prompt service. Everything arrived in great condition and I am anxious to set a couple of them up tomorrow and watch the results. I also commend you for your very practical KIS manufacturing method. I love it.

Thanks again,

Posted By: Glenn M.
This will be my fourth one; recently bought a third to supplement the two I’ve had for a few years. Hummingbirds are what makes summer wonderful, and I thank you for such great feeders.
Posted By: Marci C.
Duluth, GA
Received our order a few days ago and we couldn't be more pleased! Our old feeder had failed beyond repair (not a HummerMagnet!) and my replacement (from a box store) was swarmed with honeybees within hours. ~ After research, I learned that the plastic yellow flowers were the problem. I was so upset! The hummers were stressing, I was stressing ~ very sad time. Google to the rescue, I searched for "best hummingbird feeder" and bought from The Hummingbird Store. Two days later, the hummers were exploring their new feeder and the bees were back to their flowers. We are happy again!!

Your website made the buying decision very easy ~ I wanted a company that knew what they were doing ~ yellow flowers, seriously?? I just didn't know any better. Thank You for a great product and a greater education! Wishing You all success ~ Rebecca
Posted By: Rebecca M
Fredericksburg, VA.

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