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Hello Steve,

I was using Perky Pet's Gloxinia Flower 8-oz glass Pinch-Waist hummingbird feeder for several years with success but Perky Pet recently re-engineered the design and now just like the rest of their leaky feeders, their new pinch-waist leaks badly too.

Now that we've tried the HummerMagnet feeders, I am so glad we purchased two of them and that I got the ones with attractve designer labels. I was afraid the hummingbirds would be so accustomed to the old Gloxinia Perky Pet feeders I've used for years that they wouldn't use the new HummerMagnet. Little hummies are too clever and knew exactly how to use the HummerMagnets! I love that the HummerMagnet can sway in our daily heavy winds without leaking. A ring of perches on the HummerMagnet are often used by our hummies. So far we haven't had any bees on the HummerMagnet ports either. I hope that feature continues to keep away the bees. Bigger wild birds like yellow finches and house sparrows tried to drink the nectar but can't reach the syrup through the small drinking ports, thank goodness.

The HummerMagnet is one of the most convenient feeders I've ever cleaned and easy to assemble. Thank you for the videos that show how easy it is to clean and assemble the HummerMagnet. My favorite feature is that it doesn't LEAK!

I figured with all the Ruby-throated hummingbirds crossing Texas to fly over the Gulf of Mexico for their migrations that a Texan would have the best ideas for well-designed hummingbird feeders. Throughout the entire year I have a few local resident hummies and one HummerMagnet is sufficient to leave out, but during the migration north to Alaska in the spring and south to Latin America in the fall I will get much use at having TWO HummerMagnets hung out.

Smiles and thank you - Syl
Posted By: Syl S.
Azusa, CA
We have had hummingbird feeders for twenty years. We bought yours two years ago and this is our second set. There is nothing better than the HummerMagnets. They work great. We use your nectar recipe, too. Will buy yours from now on.
Thank you!!!!
Posted By: Robert C.
Indianapolis, IN
Thank you for making this excellent design.
Posted By: Darcy C.
I searched the internet all morning for a hummingbird feeder after I put up my leaky one from last year. I had certain criteria in mind:
A glass bottle.
At least 30-32 oz. (we get a lot of hummers up here on the mountain and they will go thru that in a day).
NO yellow color (attracts bees)
No leaky “flowers”.
Definitely with a perch.
More than 4 feeding ports.
Ant guard is fine, we haven’t had a problem with ants but good to have.
Your design fit the bill! Thank you!
Posted By: Stephanie L.
Hardy, VA.
This is the third feeder that I've bought from you. Praise doesn't get more "gushing" than that.
Posted By: Marjorie L.
Richmond, CA
I have one on your basic 16 oz. feeders and i just wanted to let you know that it has been the best hummingbird feeder that I have used. Thanks!
Posted By: Sabrina D.
I am a long time customer, about 8 years and this is my 3rd feeder. I have made one modification to your design. I have 3 widely spaced feeders hanging in my back yard which adjoins a golf course. I had so many hummers crowding the feeders that I drilled a second set of holes in between yours to accommodate more birds. The extra holes, which are the same diameter and angle, work fine. The birds were literally shoulder-to-shoulder. We have several large windows facing the feeders, so watching them jockey for position and feed is a great source of entertainment for all our friends and family.
Posted By: Scott R.
Fosom, CA

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