Should I add red food coloring to my nectar?

No. Over the years it has been determined that adding red food coloring simply is not necessary. Once the hummingbirds find the nectar they will come back for more as long as it is fresh.

Does my feeder need to be red?

No. Most hummingbird feeders do have some red on them which is a good idea but the hummingbirds will find and use nectar from feeders that are not red.

Will hanging a feeder bring hummingbirds into my yard?

The only way to know for certain is to try. There are 16 different species of hummingbirds found in North America and most areas of the United States and southern Canada have at least one species so chances are that you have some in your area. In addition to hanging feeders you will also want to plant some showy blooming flowers that are known to attract hummingbirds.

How often do I need to change to nectar?

The nectar needs to be changed every 3-4 days or when it appears cloudy, whichever occurs first. Give your feeder a good cleaning each time you change the nectar.

Should I purchase hummingbird nectar?

No. It simply isn't necessary, these products are really a rip-off and there are some who believe that these types of nectar may contain ingredients that may be harmful to hummingbirds and that the companies who sell them should stop. The best recipe is a mixture containing 1 Part Sugar and 4 Parts Water. There is no need to use boiling water as the sugar will disolve regardless, hot tap water works great.

Why do your feeders have oblong feeding ports?

The oblong feeding port provides for a much better feeding angle for hummingbirds of all sizes and is actually safer for the birds.

When should I hang my hummingbird feeder?

If you live in the Southwest part of the United States you likely have a population of hummingbirds year round so to help them out you can keep your feeders up all year. If you live elsewhere, when your Spring weather breaks it is time to put them up because the migrating hummingbirds time the return to their breeding grounds to coincide with the flowering of their food plants.

Where should I hang my hummingbird feeder?

The best areas are relatively open and protected from wind and sun, placing your feeder around flowers is ideal. Keeping your feeder out of the sun will keep the nectar from going bad as quickly.

How do I keep bees off of my hummingbird feeder?

Bees will be on your hummingbird feeder if they can get to the nectar. They also seem to be attracted more to feeders with yellow parts so I would avoid feeders that have any yellow on them. If your hummingbird feeder drips or leaks in any way, bees will continue to be a problem. Manufacturers with the best designs have made their hummingbird feeders bee-proof. The HummerMagnet was specifically designed to be bee-proof.

When should I take down my hummingbird feeder?

In the Southwest United States there is no need to take down your hummingbird feeders. In other areas, you should be able to tell when you are no longer seeing any hummingbirds coming to your feeders. You may want to leave a feeder up with fresh nectar for a little while longer to provide important nourishment for any migrating hummingbirds passing through your area. 

Is there a simple, easy way to clean the inside of the HummerMagnet bottle?

Yes, we have found a fantastic bottle brush designed to clean the inside of your bottle and offer it for sale here on our website. Another option is simply fill your bottle partially with hot tap water and add some uncooked rice and shake vigorously. The rice acts like little scrubbers on the inside of the bottle.

How do I keep ants off of my feeder?

You have three options and they'll all work to some degree. If you have another location option for your feeder it is very effective to simply move it and the hummingbirds will not mind. If you can find the source of the ants, such as around the base of the tree, you might treat them with a pesticide being very cognizant of your hummingbirds. Ant moats are very effective, and the HummerMagnet has a small built-in ant moat that works well in all but the hottest climates, where you may need to purchase a separate ant moat that holds enough water so that it won't evaporate quickly.

What hummingbird feeder should I buy?

There are lots of considerations that go into picking the ideal hummingbird feeder. First and foremost you want a feeder that will attract lots of hummingbirds!! It should be simple and easy to clean, bee-proof, long lasting, not leaky or messy, and pretty to look at. Finding this combination is hard and we are a little biased... but the HummerMagnet may just be the best choice because it includes all of these features.

How do I get more hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds love flowers and if you have lots of flowers you will eventually get lots of hummingbirds. Lantana is an easy-to-grow, resillient flower that attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Common myths about hummingbirds

They do not suck nectar, they lick it. They do not only eat from red flowers, they enjoy many different colored flowers. They do not migrate on the backs of geese.

If I leave my feeder hanging in the Fall, does it stop the hummingbirds from migrating?

No. Migration is triggered by the changing day length or what is called the photoperiod. Keeping your feeder up will not influence their migration in any way and maintaining a feeder with fresh nectar will provide important nourishment for any migrating hummingbirds passing through your area. 

Where have my hummingbirds gone?

There can be periods during the season when it seems like your hummingbirds are no longer around or are less prevalent. This generally occurs during a period when flowers are blooming exceptionally strong or during the nesting season. Hummingbirds do prefer flowers and will use them first when they can and when they are nesting they spend less time at the feeders as well. Also, as the Summer turns to Fall and you notice fewer and fewer of the flying jewels it is because they know that it is time to migrate to warmer climates in the South. Most of the hummers that frequent your gardens and hummingbird feeders fly to Mexico and beyond. Many Ruby-throated fly non- stop over the entire Gulf of Mexico!

Why do my hummingbirds fight so much around the feeder?

The good news is that you have lots of hummingbirds!! However, hummingbirds are very territorial for most of the year and there is nothing that we can do to stop them from guarding their food source with every ounce of energy they have. The best thing to do is hang additional feeders in order to get the greatest number of hummingbirds to spend time in your yard. If your neighbors are close by, give them a feeder to hang as well and overall you will have even more birds. 

Where do our hummingbirds migrate to?

Most of our hummingbirds migrate to Mexico and Central America, as far south as Panama.