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The Flying Jewel May 2014

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How is your Hummingbird Garden growing?

Well if you have been waiting for your hummingbirds to arrive they should have by now.  Migrating hummers have reached well into Canada and the southern birds are already raising their young.  My goal has always been to have more hummingbirds than I had the season before and this can be achieved if you are able to grow flowering plants and bushes on your property.  Combine the flowers with nectar feeders filled with fresh nectar and you will encourage hummers to nest nearby, raise their young and most likely return to the same area next season.  Grow your Hummingbird Garden one season at a time.

Do your hummingbirds share a feeder?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "my hummingbirds don't share a feeder, why do yours?"  We do take quite a few photos of hummers sharing a feeder but they don't share all the time.  I also consider it a bit unusual to see 4 or more birds sharing a feeder except under two conditions.  The first is when the birds are migrating thru the area in large numbers and then there are lots of birds who are feeding but not staying and setting up a territory.  No territories means no fighting for the feeder.  The other time that I have noticed this behavior is immediately after a rainstorm.  The wet little birds don't seem to have the energy to fight until they get a quick shot of nectar first, they after things dry out they go back to fighting again.  :)

Ants bugging you?

About the same time that the hummers show up the bugs begin to get more active as well.  The timing is not coincidental but that is another story.  Ants have to eat as well and they love the sweet stuff.  However you decide to deal with the ants, you must consider a couple of things.  Most importantly don't do anything that could have an impact on these tiny birds, just use a little common sense and you will be fine.  Typically the ants are traveling quite a distance to get to your feeder and it can be quite easy to follow their trail back to their nest area and properly dispose of them well away from where the feeder is hanging.  If it is not that simple then you will want to use an ant moat and these are very effective.  Just use water in the moat, nothing more, and your little ant friends will be off to find easier meals.

Miniature hand-painted hummingbirds

The Hummingbird Store has partnered with Small Scale Magic to offer a collection of beautiful jewelry based around Ivy Torres' miniature watercolor paintings.   The jewelry collection features archival giclees of Ivy's miniatures. These are true miniature paintings, each image is painted with the tiniest of brushes and represented in their actual size.  All Necklaces are about the size of a nickel and earrings are each about the size of a dime. Ivy continually gathers inspiration from her surroundings on the lush tropical slopes of Kilauea Volcano always painting what's closest to her heart, especially hummingbirds.  She comes up with new ideas for her paintings based on serendipitous inspiration, and there's usually a story behind each pendant.  Into these small scale magical worlds she pours her creativity and love, sitting still and slowing down for hours at a time, working in tiny strokes to create her eenie weenie illustrative jewels.
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