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The Hummingbird Society has one of the the largest photo collections


Margy Terpstra photographing one of Lanny Chambers hummingbird banding sessions


Wayne Schmidt's digital photo hummingbird gallery plus much more


David Hemmings hummingbird Flickr site


Dale Doram shows off the Edmonton Ruby-throated hummingbird


Mike Lentz's hummingbird gallery


Phil Seu's hummingbird gallery


Ray Cooper's hummingbird gallery from Trinidad and Tobago


Glenn Bartley has hummingbird photos from Ecuador


Glenn Bartley has hummingbird photos from Costa Rica as well


Hidetoshi Takahashi has a great hummingbird gallery showcasing 12 species from the Huachuca Mountains, AZ


Russ Thompson has fantastic Ruby-throated photos and videos


Larry Selman offers great hummingbird photos


D.W. Maiden has a great Ruby-throated Hummingbird photo gallery has many great hummingbird photos


Bud Hensley's photos hummingbirds while feeding on their favorite flowers


Greg Scott has great hummingbird photos


Matias Ferroni photos hummingbirds in Argentina


Beth Kingsley Hawkins has some great hummingbird photos


Maureen Lynn's hummingbird photo albums are huge


Barbara Becker has hummingbird nest and chick photos


Terry Danks has Ruby-throated Hummingbird photos


David L"Hoste has photos of hummingbirds from Costa Rica


Where Do You Want To Go Birding Today posts photos of 176 species of South American Hummingbirds


Donald Jedlovec have several fantastic albums containing photos of hummingbirds in flight


Wayne Owen has great hummingbird photos


Joe Turner photographs hummingbirds in Louisiana


Suzette Donche photographs a nesting Anna's Hummingbird


William Zittrich offers great photos of California hummingbirds


Jon Gallgher offers great photos of hummingbirds from Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica


Greg Lasley has photos of hummingbirds from Central and South America as well as the Caribean


Zack Sessions hummingbird photos


Allen Chartier photographs exotic hummingbirds


David Roles offers 8 albums of Rufous Humminbird photos


Steve Yanke offers his hummingbird photos


Larry Manfredi has photos of hummingbirds in the Bahamas