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  Initial Cost Shipping Cost Average Long-term Value? Easy to Clean? Bee Proof? Ant Proof? Hummer Safe Conical Feeding Ports? Resting Perch? Sugar Measure? Attractive for years? Convertable to Seed?
HummerMagnet $15.95 $7.95 High
Tejas $29.50 Inc Low

Best-1 $12.99 $10.00 Medium
Dr. JB's $24.95 $15.00 Low
Perky Pet "Our Best" $15.99 $5.99 Very Low




When we designed the HummerMagnet Hummingbird Feeder our intention was to offer a low-cost hummingbird feeder that was prettier and had better features than any other hummingbird feeder available today.  We succeeded and we dare to compare our hummingbird feeder to all of the competition.